A shared garden in Chantelle


The shared garden,
teaching in agroecology,
 biodynamics and permaculture.

The goal: to meet around the garden to rediscover respect
and our connection to the Earth, "our foster mother".

Our approach: respect the environment, promote bio-diversity.

Gardening natural:  
without chemical fertilizers,
 without pesticides, 
without weed killers, 
without chemicals.

A place of conviviality, exchange,
transmission of knowledge, 
work sharing.

A space to rediscover the beauty of nature 
and the well-being it provides ...

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The shared garden was born on September 6, 2017. It is located route de Bellenaves behind the pharmacy.

René provides his garden to share it. René is part of the group. Any lover of gardens can join the group occasionally or regularly. The group respects the garden and the gardeners. The works are coordinated by Christophe and Jérôme. Production will be shared among the members of the group.

Contact: Christophe Faivre Duboz
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